Anaario Story

Childhood innocence must exist as an untouched bubble, despite the ever-changing landscape of the fast life. Close your eyes and think of a time when you were the most carefree, happy and blissfully unaware of the complexities of the world. As surreal as those moments are for adults, they are real for children.

We strive to encapsulate those emotions in our kids collection, Anaario. Think whimsical prints, solid separates, subtle prints and bold hues-a perfect balance of artsy and minimalist concepts. Whether it’s play dates in the sunshine, jumping on a trampoline or perusing through the lanes of a foreign or local market, our clothing invites imagination, fun and individuality.

Anaario was born out of a simple idea-one that promises to cause the least impact on the environment. All our clothing is sustainably sourced and woven by loving, hard- working hands that create timeless pieces, one stitch at a time.

We believe in moving with the times to create a smart alternative to mass-produced pieces by minimising unwarranted wastage. That is why our garments are meticulously crafted through made-to-order requests.

As an eco-friendly brand, we source organic and Italian cotton, created through the artisanal craftsmanship of hand-block and screen printing to translate our ideas into functional, original and comfortable clothing.

Made With Love For Girls & Boys

Our team creates unique capsule collections for girls and boys aged 6 months to 15 years. As a catalyst to ignite change from a young age, Anaario is the perfect stepping stone in the right direction for young minds to make ethical, conscious choices in fashion. These choices count, even in little ways.

Join us to be part of a bigger initiative to change the way we consume fashion.