It's easy to get pulled into retail business models that heavily market products with buzzwords such as 'vegan', 'eco-friendly', 'recyclable', 'organic', and 'biodegradable'.
So how do honest businesses manage to stay afloat in a market teeming with companies making false claims?
We've seen our share of misleading marketing by companies who claim to be sustainable and certified by green corporations.
The truth is, it's hard to appear legit. But, the bright side is that there is a way to identify dishonest companies.
Here's how you can get to know sustainable fashion brands better:
Ask questions:
Request a brand to show you their green certifications and more info on how their fabrics are sourced.
Look for inconsistencies:
Does the brand claim to be sustainable and yet sends their products in plastic packaging? That's a major telltale sign.
Read the labels:
Clothing labels will give you an idea of which fabrics are used since washing and care instructions are dictated based on the material and type of dyes used. 
Follow their social pages:
Closely follow brands on social media to see if they're actually passionate about sustainability, if they truly know what they're talking about, and if their brand ethos echoes through their marketing efforts.
Sustainability starts and ends with us. In the end, honest businesses aren't just trying to make a living but a difference.
Written by Ashok Malik

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