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🔎 We came across an interesting and heartwarming video of Indonesian citizens cleaning up their rivers from mounting trash.
Sungai Watch: Making Indonesia a Better and Safer Place One River At a Time
In the heart of Indonesia, 120 dedicated river warriors, known as Sungai Watch, embark on a daily quest along 200 rivers to combat the relentless flow of plastic into the ocean. Founded in 2020 by Bali-raised siblings Gary, Sam, and Kelly Bencheghib, Sungai Watch goes beyond conventional activism.
Utilizing a fusion of technology and citizen science, Sungai Watch empowers local communities to actively combat plastic pollution. Across Bali and Java, they've strategically placed over 180 bamboo and net river barriers, intercepting up to 90 percent of plastic waste. This proactive approach is not only a testament to their commitment but a transformative force in environmental conservation.
Each day, the river warriors retrieve plastic from these barriers, meticulously categorizing items like bottles, bags, cups, and wrappers. Armed with a mobile app, they document the weight and details of each find, contributing to a robust data-driven approach.
Sungai Watch's impact extends beyond mere collection. The sorted plastic undergoes diverse fates – recycling, upcycling into new products, or becoming eco-bricks, innovative building materials crafted from non-recyclable plastic stuffed into bottles.
Their mission doesn't stop at cleanup. Sungai Watch is an educational force, enlightening local communities about the dire consequences of plastic pollution and advocating for the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Collaborating with governments, businesses, and schools, they implement effective waste management solutions and policies.
Since their inception, Sungai Watch proudly claims to have thwarted over 1.3 million kilograms of plastic from reaching the ocean, simultaneously enhancing water quality and biodiversity in the cleaned rivers.
Written by Abhay Sharma

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